Charlie Smith is an author, game designer, graphic artist and inventor. Most notably, he is the creator of the Glyphs RPG Blueprint Role Playing system and the globally popular 2-D Dice RPG Coins. Currently, Smith is the President & Executive Designer at Scribeworx, a Graphics and Publishing firm.

His professional background includes 15 years of graphic design experience. He also has close to 8 years of experience in the call center industry, most notably in operations and performance management.
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Born in Houston, Texas in  1978, Smith was priviledged to an international upbringing. Smith has lived in and ventured  to   nearly   15  Countries  including Greece, The Philippines, Switzerland, Scotland and other parts of Europe and the Mediterranean. However, his most memorable place is the 'Town of Eternal Spring' Cuernavaca, Mexico, where he spent much of his youth. Smith now lives a very private life in Clermont, FL.
Education, Practices and Research

College: Daytona State College - A.S Graphic Design
COPC: High Performance Management Certified Competent

Metaphysics: Robert Bruce's New Energy Ways, Tarot and other Hermetic Teachings.

Martial Arts: Toshindo (Ninjitsu).

Interests & Research: Mythology, Religion, the Paranormal, the Astral Planes, Movies, Literature, Food & Travel, and of course...Gaming!